Whether you seek relaxation or adventure, the Island of Brač is the place to be! From the endless list of activities and cultural objects the Island has to offer, we recommend a few:

Cycling paths on the Island of Brač

If you are a cycling type, you will enjoy the many cycling paths on the Island. We recommend spring and autumn months when the weather is just right.

Lovrečina bay

If you like sandy beaches, the Lovrečina beach is for you! In the beautiful bay, only 5km away from Postira, you can also find interesting ruins of the St.Lawrence basilica.

Dragon cave

The Dragon cave, situated above the village Murvica, not far from Bol, is a unique monument to the Glagolitic friars in the 15th century.

The Hermitage of Blaca

Another historical monument worth seeing is the Hermitage of Blaca, a beautiful monastery carved into a cliff in the 16th century. It was built by Glagolitic priests while running away from the Turks.

The museum of the Island of Brač, Škrip

Visit the museum of the Island of Brač! It is located in Škrip, the oldest settlement on the Island, not far from Postira.


The village of Dol is situated not far from Postira. After a bicycle ride or a pleasant hike to Dol, you will see its natural rustic beauty!

The view from Vidova gora

With its 778m, Vidova gora is the highest peak on all the Adriatic Islands. It is accessible by car but you can also get to it by a bicycle or on foot. The view at the top will certainly be worth the trip!

Zlatni rat beach

The beach Zlatni rat in Bol is famous for changing its shape depending on the influence of the wind and sea currents.

Donkey and peacock in Sutivan Nature Park

The Sutivan Nature Park is the place to visit, especially if you have small children. Along with a playground, the many interesting animals will occupy your time.

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